Web Architects

Sustainable, co-operative hosting you can depend on.

Hosting and Servers

Support & Maintenance

  • Server design, support and maintenace.
  • Timely support and advice.
  • Software installation and modification.
  • Clear documentation on the services we provide.
  • General help and advice on a wide range of topics, from getting the most from email, to planning a new website project.

Design & Development

  • New website builds, redesigns and upgrades.
  • Software installation and modifications – content management systems: Word Press, Drupal, Get Simple …
  • Collaboration tools and social networks – websites which help people work together.
  • Marketing and sales websites to support small businesses, freelancers, trades and artists.


  • We’re a social enterprise and a co-operative. We are an ethical, responsible business with strong values and high standards.
  • Our clients can become members of our co-op to have a say in what we do and how we do it. We don’t just work for you — we invite you to participate and co-own our business.
  • We’re not a huge company. We’re down-to-earth and we really get to know our clients. Our co-operative approach means we consider ourselves part of your team, and we do our best to look out for your interests.